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Have you heard yet how our local SUP Races are a TON of FUN ?? Want to try it out?
Are you looking for a low impact sport to complement your strength, toning and endurance training?

How about an opportunity to enjoy nature while improving core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility?
Maybe you are simply looking to increase your safety knowledge and comfort level on the water?
I'm willing to bet that a group session on the water with your besties or your co-workers would be excessive fun!

Join a supNEXT  lesson or session for Fitness, for Fun, or for a Refresh! Click
     Click on the Icons below for Current Pricing
HERE for Registration or Call (587) 576 NEXT

SUP Drift - Skills & Safety Intro Lessons

This introduction to SUP will cover all of the basics, easing you into a lifetime of safety, fitness and fun on calm water.

SUP Current - On Board with Yoga

Go with the flow! Bring your Yoga practice on board to improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Restore, refresh and harmonize your breath while water laps gently against the rails. Be in your moment on the water and enjoy the scenery!

SUP Ripple, Swell, and Surge - Fitness Sessions

SUP Ripple - Fitness Fun
Build on SUP skills, stroke techniques and turns, incorporating surfer-style beach conditioning with board fitness activities and drills.

SUP Swell - Circuit Fitness
Anchor down and ride each swell while you're led through varying on-board fitness series, splashed with interval training, beach conditioning, and paddle sprints to complete your circuit training.

SUP Surge - SUP Athlete Development Program
Take your fitness to the next level with customized SUP training to build a stronger core, improve your cardio, increase your endurance, tone and condition, or simply to mix up your own goal training with body-sculpting “Ripped” -tide boardplay.

Fleet Fun
Private, Couple,or
Small Group Instruction

Glide across the ripples solo, or make waves with that special someone through a scenic SUP introduction.
 SUP fun inflates through special group events – plan a birthday splash, a girls’ evening drift, or a wet adventure with family and friends (a 1:6 or fewer instructor-student ratio will be maintained).

Click here to submit your request.

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is included in all pricing,
or bring along your own equipment for discounted pricing. 
Equipment rental options can also keep you afloat outside of lessons.

 Hourly, daily and overnight rates offered, dependent upon equipment availability.

Click here to submit your request.

​Adventure Tours

Combine your SUP with a hike, a bike, a camping trip and some sight-seeing.....

 Custom combinations and opportunities are limitless.  Tell me what you're looking for!
Packaged trips will be available

in the near future!

Click here with inquiries.

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