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Stand Up Paddleboarding

For Fun.   For Fitness.   For Refresh.  For the Paddle Stoke!

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is bringing more and more smiles to more and more faces every day
 as the fastest growing watersport worldwide. Fitness and wellness benefits from paddling are vast.
 Immersing yourself in nature and serenity, practicing good paddle skills safely, waterwalking with your favourite people – these are beginning ripples in the start of many SUP loves!

supNEXT to catch your own wave!!!

Super-SUP Me

I can’t SUP enough! 

 Hi all!  I’m SUP-er excited to share my stand up paddleboard skills and knowledge with you!
 My SUP love developed the first time I held a paddle - and each board adventure since has me falling further!!   <3
I SUP for the scenery, the serenity, and for the amazing fitness benefits...I'm a stickler for proper technique, and I can tell you the toning and conditioning that comes with practicing good paddle habits is significant!  All of this swirled with boardplay and meeting other adventurous SUP enthusiasts will keep me paddling well into my years.

I bring to you both Paddle Canada and World Paddle Association qualified instruction supported by many years of dance and fitness instruction and water experience.  I put huge emphasis on safety, fun, and adventure!
And I am eager to see where this SUPlove will take us...!!


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